Motion in Mercia Part 2

Well as I said in an earlier post myself and three good friends namely Jude Newton, Brian Oliver and Ross Irwing went up to Wolverhampton to take part in the Wiggle Kilo to Go Motion in Mercia cycle sportive !
So Sunday morning dawned and as we set off in the chilly April morning with the car all loaded with bikes and kit some nerves were beginning to show 😉


All smiles on the outside for Jude and Ross hiding in the back of the car but butterflies on the inside, I must say at this point that this was due to be Ross’s longest ride to date so he was a little worried but with Jude to look after him he needn’t have worried.
The carpark at the venue was full so off to a side street to assemble the bikes and ready our bottles etc, a short ride to HQ and a quick word with the Marshall to confirm our entry and specific categories and just as I’m about to set off I bump into David Neagle, he like me was signed up for the World Cycle Challenge which unfortunately got cancelled. We have spoken on FB numerous times but have never met so it was good to have a quick chat 😉
Finally our time had come and we set off, Brian and myself on the 93 miler and Ross and Jude heading out for the 54 mile route, we were lucky with the weather as it stayed dry all day nut although it was sunny it became cooler towards the afternoon but was infact perfect for cycling !
As we passed through the beautiful countryside heading for Cannock Chase I lost Brian and found myself alone, not a problem really as there was lots to see !
I stopped at the 35 mile rest stop and took on liquid and fruit, not much on offer if I’m honest but beggars cant be choosers, just about to leave when Brian pulled in, a quick chat and off again for the next 30 or so miles before the next rest stop.
The route took us out towards Shropshire and round the “Reakin” before heading to Telford and Iron Bridge, who’d have thought we’d be cycling over that famous bridge !,
The hill out of the gorge on the other side of the bridge was a bit of a test after 70 or so miles but I conquered it without to much problem, this was in all fairness the only real hill on what was a fairly flat course !
The legs were getting a little tired towards the end but I struck up a conversation with a fellow cyclist at the 13 mile to go mark and the finish line seemed to spring towards me, a welcome back hug from Jude and a handshake from Ross saw me finished !
Jude and Ross had enjoyed their ride and although Ross admitted he found the last 5 miles or so tiring he and Jude coveted the course in about 4hr and 40 mins so well done to them both.
I finished in 6 hr and 14 mins and Brian rolled in tired but happy about finishing his longest ride to date in 6 hr 50 mins !
All in all a great day with many personal goals achieved and lots of memories, all set for our next challenge 😉


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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