Standish Hickey to Russian Gulch

After a good night out at The Peg House across the road from the camp watching a band called Ground, eating some of the best roadside food on the West Coast ( they have a certificate to prove it ) and drinking good ale we were up early, breakfast and coffee done, tents down and away, sun shining so again no dew or condensation so another dry tent, yippee !!

The band at the Peg House, Ground, very good 😉

Bumper stickers, that’s how we role at The Peg House !!
Today sees us tackle two of the hardest hills on the coast, Leggets Hill at 1950 ft and Rockport Hill at 690 ft, Leggets Hill comes first straight out of the gate at Standish Hickey, it’s a six mile slog uphill with no view on either side or at the summit. Also there is no marker at the top to take a photo against, boo hiss !!
High fives and a quick snack before taking the 9 mile descent, we started the hill at 250 m plus so the down was longer !! These nine miles were some of the best on the whole trip, sweeping bends, sunshine coming through the trees and the smell of cypress lingering as you plummet at 30 mph plus, a long straight road followed allowing us to keep the speed up so before long we’d covered 19 miles, next stop coffee and cake at Westport, a tiny little shop in a town that looks like it got up and left, it’s the Post Office, Deli, Sandwich Shop, Coffee Shop, Supermarket, Restroom, Gas Station and god knows what else, all I know is they make a great chicken sandwich, good coffee and very sticky cinnamon rolls 😉


Taking coffee at Westport.
After coffee the scenery went back to Pacific Coast and more stunning views…



All three photos, scenery from the days ride, stunning, and so good to be back on the coast 😉
We had decided to go ten miles further than the guide book suggests to try and make easier days to come, so as I said our destination was Russian Gulch State Park, it’s the other side of a town called Fort Brag, not “the” Fort Brag !! It did provide a grocery store so we stocked up before the final ten miles to camp, a steep downhill took us to a very nice hiker biker site where we set up camp and lit a fire, it also provided the opportunity to charge a few electrical items 😉


Russian Gulch and setting up camp.
More later.
Bye bye


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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