Samuel P Taylor to San Francisco

The day had finally arrived and we were up early, we, by that I mean Tom, Bob, Naomi, Serge, Cameron and myself. Serge and Cameron left a bit before the rest of us as they wanted to get to San Francisco early, the rest of us were about half an hour behind. The weather was a bit chilly to start with but at least not raining, we headed out of the State Park and into Lagunitas for coffee and pastries ( it seems most of my blogs are about coffee and food ), the cafe was another splendid mix of all sorts and even had a piano for Naomi to have a go on…

The cafe in Lagunitas.

Our friend Bob at the cafe.

Naomi tickling the ivories, she’s actually quite good and got a round of applause 😉
After coffee we headed towards Sausolito, this would be our lunch stop before heading into San Francisco !!
For the next couple of miles it was a long slow ascent through mainly rural scenery then a fantastic descent where we turned right at the bottom to pick up the bike trail into Sausolito, this trail is about 15 miles long and takes you through many smaller communities like Fairfax and for the most part is well signed and fairly flat although there was one good hill before arriving in Sausolito which ave us a good appetite…..

Bob coming through Fairfax.

Part of the bike trail.

Part of the bike trail.

Part of the bike trail.
Finally arriving at a cafe we all agreed would suit our needs we ordered coffee and food…

Our lunch stop, Cafe Roma, excellent food and coffee refills, gotta love America 😉
Great views from the cafe too


Views from Cafe Roma.
Continuing after lunch through the rest of Sausolito gave us great views of the Bay Bridge and Bay itself…

The Bay Bridge.

The Bay.
Sausolito is in fact a very nice little town itself with some great looking houses that must cost a mint…


As I said some fairly swanky homes !!
Out of Sausolito you climb a fairly steep hill but the reward is your first view of the Golden Gate Bridge…

Not the best photo nor the best view but there it is the focal point of our American leg of our world tour, I can’t speak for Naomi but I’ve dreamt about this moment for a long time, never thought that I would get to cycle over it, let alone cycle from Seattle to do it !!
A few more turns, a little more hill and finally your actually on the Bridge itself….





Forgive me all the photos but to us this is fairly epic 😉
The bridge is incredibly busy with pedestrians and cyclists, the cyclists are mainly people who hire a bike in San Francisco then cycle over the bridge and ride the ferry back. They are bloody dangerous frankly as most of then haven’t got a clue how to ride a bike and they certainly don’t seem to care about anyone else on the bridge, we escaped unscathed and cycled off the other side to get the obligatory photos…

Me, Naomi and Tom on the South Side of the Golden Gate Bridge !

Naomi and myself, oh and the Bridge 😉

Naomi and Bob, and the Bridge again !
We said our goodbyes to Tom and Bob at this point, we wished Bob well with his continued journey and made arrangements to meet Tom for dinner later, after that we headed into San Fran in search of bike shop where are bikes were booked in for a quick service prior to boxing up for Japan, Freewheel in Hayes Street duly accepted our bikes and arranged a taxi to get us to the hotel in the Soma district, 7th and Fulsom to be precise !
Checked in, bags emptied, laundry pile growing by the second, showered and changed and off in search of a launderette. Just so happens that there’s one round the corner, oh and it has free Wi Fi, sells beer, coffee, pastries, breakfast and other food and is quite simply one of the coolest places I’ve ever been in,its called Brainwash and has become our go to place while we’re in San Fran.
Back to the Hotel to drop off washing, quick wash and change then taxi to meet Tom at the Amendment Brewery, a food pub and brewery up on 8th and Brannan..

The three of us back together for the last time, cheers Tom 😉
Well that takes care of that, the photos of San Francisco and all that we do while here will be uploaded soon.
Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading and looking at the photos as much as we’ve enjoyed taking them and cycling.
Night all.


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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