Japan, World Tour days 7&8

Waking up in Tsu to a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightning wasn’t he best start to the day but with a 20k climb we didn’t mind the rain to much !
A quick stop at a local supermarket to get breakfast of coffee and omelettes and we were of, the hill started of nice and gentle for the first 5 or 6k with some pleasant scenery and views of what was to come….



In all fairness the grade never really became to hard and as we hurtled through a 2k long tunnel we realised we were actually now going downhill..


The tunnel and a small waterfall on the way down.
As we reached the bottom it was time to check the map and work out the best route towards are intended campsite, as luck would have it this lovely little pace just happened to be there and it was lunchtime..


Great burgers and coffee, also really nice people, had a good chat about what we are up to, I think they thought we were mad, good call 😉
More hills followed in the afternoon, steeper than the first and again with heavy rain, more coffee stops, good scenery…



Beautiful isn’t it ??
And after a few anxious moments regarding the final few miles and location we pedalled up the last hill to the camp…


The place looks a bit run down but the showers were hot and clean and they let us put the tents up under a roof of an outdoor school room, as it rained heavily in the night we were grateful to have dry tents in the morning.
The morning saw us up and away by 7.00am with a short ride to Uji to see the Byodin Temple and in particular the Phoenix Hall, regarded as one of the finest buildings in Japan, a national treasure, we were not disappointed…


For the rest of the photos please see the album on Facebook, Japan World Tour days 7&8 😉

Pushing on from there we headed towards Kyoto, some confusion over direction again as despite it being a major city they seem to have forgotten to signpost it !! Still we finally ended up on the right road, well done Naomi 😉 and stopped about 5k short for a spot of lunch, Asian / Nepalese mix but very good and all washed down with a cheeky beer…


As I said, good food and great hosts !!
Only another half hour or so and we finally made it to the hotel, parked the bikes in a bike garage next to the station, I’ll get photos when we pick up the bikes !
Bags up to the room, laundry sorted, emails dealt with, showered and out for dinner, we took a quick trip to the Tourist Info Centre at the station but we were more interested in the station and the surrounding shopping mall…



Fantastic architecture, impressive space and the views from the roof were pretty good to..



Told you they were good !!
Dinner was good and quite local as we’re up early to do the tourist sightseeing thing, that’s it so far, I’ll try and blog again in a few days in the meantime check out the full album on Facebook and take care 😉
Night night


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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