Cycling in India, Rahjastan and beyond !!

So there we are, at the Govind Hotel, conveniently placed near to the railway station, which will be very useful as we will be taking a train from here to Delhi !!
The hotel was basic, clean and had good Wi Fi, we don’t need much more ! We competed our usual ritual of sorting washing, catching up on emails, Facebook etc and before we’d realised it was time for dinner !
We decided to treat ourselves and headed to one of Jodhpurs most expensive and best situated restaurants, Pal Haveli’s Indique Restaurant !! Recommended in the guide book and rightly so, the food and views of the Fort and Clock Tower were fabulous and well worth the expense.
The following day we’d earmarked for some serious tourist action and set of on a jeep safari into the desert, not quite what we thought the day would be like but pleasant enough and we did go and see a camel fair…..


We did catch site of some local wildlife enroute…

But to be honest we were just glad to take a rest !!
Back at the hotel shortly after sunset and we were planning our assault on Jodhpurs sights, Naomi mentioned that she wasn’t feeling all that well but come the morning we grabbed a rickshaw and headed out to Umaid Palace, a fairly modern palace and also huge and very elaborate, it now operates partly as a museum, part top class hotel and still provides accommodation to the Prince !
It’s a stunning building and it’s full of beautiful things……





See, it is a fabulous building and it is full of beautiful things !!
Unfortunately Naomi was feeling worse so we abandoned our sightseeing so Naomi could take some time to recover, in the meantime I uploaded lots of photos and caught up with my blogs πŸ˜‰
The next morning Naomi felt a little better and we decided to head to the Fort, we’d heard that there were Zip lines that you could go on and we wanted a go…..


As you can see, we did that, it was brilliant!! Six zip lines in total going back and forth across the moat and battlements, really well done to, recommend to anyone !!
After the zip lines we lined up to visit the fort, another truly stunning building both inside and out, here are a few pictures…






I have over 300 photos in the Jodhpur album so if you want to see more take a look on Facebook !!
On leaving this incredible place we took the walk back into town through some of the narrow back streets, amazing just how tightly packed these paces are…




Next up came Mandore Gardens and museum, really didn’t get his place but took a few photos of he better bits, just found it really odd….




Well that’s enough of that !!
As this was our last day in Jodhpur we went back to Indique for a cheeky beer and to take photos of the views…



Back to the hotel to pack, eat dinner and get to he station, our bikes were already there waiting to go in the luggage van, all we had to do was take ourselves and a couple of panniers each, we found our compartment and settled in for the 15 hour trip to Delhi πŸ˜‰
We arrived in Delhi early, found our bikes, fitted our panniers then hired a bike rickshaw to lead us to our hotel, The Sunrise Hotel, again it was fairly basic, reasonably clean, friendly etc. our normal ritual of showering, laundry, email and face book ensued before heading out for food !!
Now Delhi is huge but despite this it really doesn’t have that many star attractions to go and see, it has some good shops, restaurants etc but not much else, add to this the huge distances you have to travel between points and frankly it’s a pain,we didn’t like it much but were consoled by our first Costa Coffee and decent cake in a long time…..

Two huge cups of coffee and two slices of cake and we felt much better πŸ˜‰
We did go and see the Fort and the huge Mosque while in Delhi, both were ok but nowhere near as stunning as some of the forts we’d seen in other parts of Rahjastan !! Here are a few pictures…





These are all of the Fort πŸ˜‰





These are of the Mosque, it’s huge, it’ll hold up to 25,000 people !!
Well apart from these two sites and the occasional trip to Costa we were actually working hard, we’d found our from a company that we’ll be travelling with next year that we needed to start applying for visas for Sudan and Ethiopia, fortunately both Naomi and I have second passports so after a day on the Internet and printer we’d complied everything we needed and sent it to Naomi’s mum to add the passports before forwarding it to a company in London !!
It took the best part of a day to sort out but means that our visas should be ready by the time we get home, therefore no frantic trips to London required !!
The only other thing we managed to do was go shopping for a present for Naomi’s dads 70th birthday, found, bought, wrapped and sent by DHL, all done in an afternoon !!
Well that’s Delhi done and dusted, we left at about 4.00pm and followed a cycle rickshaw to Delhi’s other train station, it took nearly an hour to get there but get there we did, we dumped our bikes at the luggage office and put our bags into left luggage and went in search of dinner, the train journey from Delhi to Bangalore is 35.5 hours so we weren’t taking any chances !!
Food consumed and bags reclaimed we found our compartment in 2ac and settled back for two nights on the train, we were soon accompanied by two English lads from Blackburn, Sham and Arif…

You might have noticed that there both Muslims, they were with a group of about 20 but because Indian trains are so busy they couldn’t all get tickets to sit together, really nice guys, friendly, generous and open about there religion, I asked a few questions and they took the time to explain some things to me, I hope the rest of there trip goes well !!
I have to say that the level of service on the train was fantastic, breakfast, lunch and dinner were supplied. The food was hot and tasty, tea was served regularly and bottled water was handed out in generous quantities. Come bedtime, sheets, towels, blankets and pillows were also handed out and during the day, the compartment was cleaned and mosquito repellent sprayed at about 4.00pm, all in all brilliant.
The journey passed without incident and 35.5 hours later we arrived fresh in Bangalore !!
Our bikes seemed to be lost somewhere in the station so Naomi went on a hunt while I looked after the baggage, it took her almost an hour to track them down but finally she rounded a corner with a porter and both our bikes, we loaded our panniers and set of in search of the bus station and a bus to Mysore where we would start the next leg of our Indian adventure πŸ˜‰
My next blog will start in Mysore and take you into the hill stations of Ooty but for now take care πŸ˜‰


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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5 Responses to Cycling in India, Rahjastan and beyond !!

  1. Jude says:

    The zip lines looked great fun. Take care. xx

  2. Paul Nash says:

    Looks great John, not the India i know and hate. Can’t help noticing that not much cycling is going on. Hope you enjoy the next section of the trip

  3. Graham says:

    Hi Folks, all sounding great, as always love the life stories, Fantastic. Graham

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