Cycling in India, Mysore

The bus to Mysore from Bangalore was fortunately a spacious tourist bus rather than the local cramped affairs so after three hours we arrived fairly well rested and ready for action !!
We checked into a hotel recommended by the guide book although as far as I’m concerned it really shouldn’t be !! The staff were probably the most unfriendly and unhelpful people we’ve met on the trip so far, and the room was certainly nothing special…..


Well there it is the Dasaprakash, one to avoid if your ever in Mysore !!
As per usual the laundry was sorted, we were showered, the bikes locked and then we went in search of food, replenished we set off to do the tourist thing, more museums, palaces, forts etc !!
we walked through the town to the old wooden palace and joined the rest of the sheep on a tour !!
No photos allowed inside so here are a few from the grounds…



Inside was fairly impressive but it was expensive for tourists, we pay much more than locals, ten times more in some places !!
By the time we’d finished with the old palace it was to late to start on the new palace so we walked a bit, grabbed some food and set off back to the hotel, just as we got to the hotel a rickshaw driver asked if we’d need transport in the morning, we asked him how much for the day and he gave a good price so we arranged to meet him, so pleased we did, the drivers name was Seena and he was brilliant. He’d taken on board all the things we wanted to do and see and worked out how best to fit everything in, he started by taking us to his local cafe for breakfast, fantastic food and at a fraction of the price we would have had to pay !!
Next up came a trip up Chamundi Hill, at 1062m it normally offers great views off Mysore but on this day it was of course misty…



I think you get the idea though !!
Anyway the temple at the top was worth a look….




On the way back down our driver took us to see the Bull, a huge statue carved from a single piece of black rock and of course now a religious site!….

As per normal Naomi had a fan club and they wanted there photo taken, god knows why but they do! …

From there we went straight to Srirangapatnam, an old fort from the 18th century, it’s almost an island due to its position straddling two rivers, not much left of it now but it’s a really tranquil place to spend some time….





Naomi and our driver, Seena 😉
Seena told us a lot about the places we visited as well as taking photos of us….


Like these of us fooling around in his tuc tuc !!
Next stop for a bit of light relief was the Mysore Train Museum, Naomi’s dad is a train buff, so a few photos of trains should keep him interested ;-)…





Again Seena helped out by taking photos again, thanks 😉
And finally Mysore’s crowning glory The Maharajas Palace, completed in 1912 by English architect Henry Irwin, it is completely and utterly over the top stunning !!
Sadly no photos allowed inside but here are the views outside….




Now I say that photos of the inside are not permitted, but I did find some postcards so I photographed them for you….






Ok so the last one isn’t from inside but it just shows the extravagance, in a country where electricity can go off at anytime they light this Palace with over 100,000 lightbulbs !!!
Well after a quick trip to the barbers that pretty much wrapped up our time in Mysore so back to the hotel, pack and ready to leave at 7.00am heading toward Ooty and the hill stations !!


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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