Cycling in India : From the Backwaters to the Newspapers !!

The guide book tells you that one thing you must do when your in Allepey is to take a tour out on the backwaters, so as we are tourists and we may never get the chance to do it again we booked ourselves onto a boat and did exactly that….

Our hosts, treated us like kings !!



Our lovely boat 😉




And of course some great scenery 😉
Two days of just kicking back, drinking beer, eating great food, reading and generally just appreciating the beautiful scenery. Still all good things come to an end and we soon arrived back at Allepey, we spent one more night at the hotel on the beach before getting back on our bikes and heading to Kumarakom, a fairly short ride along flat roads with great scenery, not a hardship at all !!
We found a pleasant hotel….



Settled into our huge room, made use of the Wi Fi, took a gentle walk into the village for lunch, took photos of the scenery and generally enjoyed our surroundings 😉 we were now on the last few weeks of our 5 month trip and we aimed to enjoy being back on the coast but we really wanted to be in Goa !
The next morning we set of heading north now, still in Kerala but Goa is still firmly in our sites so we set made the rides slightly longer with the aim of getting there sooner !!
The next days ride was swift, the scenery good but unspectacular and the hotel was nothing special although the food was very good !
Next stop Calicut, we were on a roll now and with more good roads the miles were flying by, the scenery helped…

As did the occasional cup of coffee and sticky Indian sweet….

We stopped here because it was quiet but within 5 mins we were surrounded by inquisitive people, it’s a bit odd to be the centre of attention, answering questions and having your photo taken by so many people but we were getting used to it now 😉
The rest of the day went without incident and we soon found ourselves in the outskirts of Calicut, a fairly large town……


Another half decent hotel, more great food and getting closer to Goa !!
Up early again with Kunnar in our sights, about 75 miles up the coast, loads of bridges over inlets on the way up….

Oh yes, we saw this along the way, now I’m not a fan but it did make me smile….

Well it wasn’t long after this photo that we arrived at the Blue Nile Hotel, and our lives took a very interesting turn !!
After checking in we went to sit in the reception area to use the Wi Fi, catch up on Facebook, email etc, I was busy uploading photos when an Indian gent started to ask what we were doing, we told him about our trip and he asked if we’d been in the papers, we said that we hadn’t, 15 minutes later all that changed. It seems that the Indian gent, Mr Hisham Hassam had phoned the papers and told them all about us, the next two days were very strange, read my next blog to find out what happened !!
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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