After TDA, Part 2 !!

Leaving Stellenbosch refreshed and revived by good friends, wine, beer and food we were ready to head south to Kalk Bay, our next stop on route to Cape Point !
The road out of Stellenbosch to be honest wasn’t great, a two lane highway with little or nothing of note to see for miles and although flat we longed for some interest….we got it but not exactly what we expected !!
We were cycling along minding our own business when a guy in a pickup truck tried to stop us, we cycled round him and continued. He tried again and again we avoided him and continued, he wasn’t giving up though and next time he shouted out of the window “it’s not safe” !! Now this caught our attention and although a little wary still we stopped about ten feet away so he could explain. It turned out that just a few km up ahead was a huge township, a million or so very unhappy black Africans. They were and are the descendants or original inhabitants of District 6 in Capetown, an area of the city that was emptied of Black Africans to make way for a whites only suburb in the 1960’s. The driver told us about this briefly and as we listened he also told us that there had been some trouble with this township and passing tourists. Eventually we were persuaded not to cycle past, with no other option the driver loaded our bikes into his truck and drive us 15km until we were well and truly past the trouble spot. We tried to pay him for his trouble but he wouldn’t take a penny, just said he was happy not to have us on his conscience !!
Bikes unloaded and panniers reattached we were off again and shortly arrived in Kalk Bay and our guesthouse for the night..

Another really friendly place, they opened the garage to let us store our bikes and let us use a room to change as we’d arrived early and our room wasn’t ready. We then headed for the station and bought tickets for Simonstown, the nearest place to Boulder Beach 😉
Boulder Beach, what’s that ? It’s home to a large colony of African Penguins, yep penguins in Capetown who’d have thought !! Tickets purchased and cameras at the ready we followed like sheep along the walkways of the colony stopping to photograph these cute little creatures 😉




We spent about an hour with the penguins before heading back to Kalk Bay, the weather was turning and on train the skies were really dramatic..

The rain never did arrive but it did make for great photos !!
Back at our guesthouse we showered and caught up on email before heading out to dinner, a local place called the Olympic Cafe. An unassuming place, looked a little like a workers cafe but boy could they cook, the starter was a salad of goats cheese, beetroot, walnuts and leaves but it was fantastic and also huge. I think we surprised the waitress by ordering mains, mine was perhaps the best lamb shank I’ve ever had, Naomi had the same and was equally impressed. We both then followed that with a lemon tart, no not just a lemon tart…..the best lemon tart !! It was devine, texture, taste and size. It was without doubt one of the best meals ever, truly unexpected and really quite cheap for what we had, fantastic !!
Next morning saw us heading south again and on to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, we arrived at the park entrance and were lucky enough to persuade them to let us leave our panniers with them while we cycle the 15km Cape Point. On arrival we took the vernacular railway up to the lighthouse to take in the views….




I have to say that it was quite emotional to arrive here, over four months and 12,000km and we’d finally arrived at Cape Point, ours if not TDA’s final goal !!
Next stop was the Cape of Good Hope, a short cycle ride away and a sign to say where you are…

Another great moment, I know I don’t look happy but man what a hassle getting people out of your way for a photo, some people have no manners !!
15km back to the entrance to pick up our bags and onward to Kommetjie, we arrived at yet another great guesthouse, friendly host, free wifi and hot showers, our version of heaven. Later we took a walk for food and were just in time for the sun setting, made quite a spectacle…


Not bad for a point and shoot camera on auto !!
The food was nothing special but came in large portions, the beer was cheap enough and cold so all in all we were happy 😉 Bed early only to be wakened by an incredible storm, lightening, thunder and driving rain….we were really worried about cycling in the morning !!
And then morning arrived and although still a bit windy it was certainly a lot better than the night before, we set of thankful for small mercies !!
Heading towards Chapmans Peak Drive, perhaps one of the greatest engineered roads in Africa, whole sections carved from solid rock with overhangs completely unsupported !!







So great road, great views but man it was windy up there and cycling one handed while taking photos was a bit tricky but well worth the effort !! We enjoyed the road and ended up in Holt Bay for breakfast and coffee, much needed now ! We got talking to some local cyclists about the best route back into Capetown and were soon on our way again. More hills and with more stunning views…



And before we knew it we were back in Capetown, back in the Breakwater Lodge but in a much bigger room this time. Time for us to dismantle bikes, sort out luggage but first some sightseeing 😉
Enough for now, more soon 😉


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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