Italy, Lavanto and The Cinque Terre

The road down to Lavanto was quite a ride, no pedalling required though, just enjoy the scenery and hang on.


That’s Lavanto, a long way down means its a long way back up !!

Fortunately this was to be a rest day, well at least a rest from cycling anyway, we’d still be rushing around being tourists instead. We were immediately impressed with our campsite, very friendly, helpful staff, fantastic services, Wi Fi, laundry room, cold beers and a good location near the town itself. Normally the camps are quite far away from shops and restaurants making it hard for us to enjoy the places without having our bikes with us. In Lavanto we’d be able to walk round and leave our bikes at camp. So tents up, laundry in and shopping done its time to hit the beach…..

Lavanto’s beach and Lido, the Italians do like there organised beaches !!

Needless to say we found a bit on space on the free beach and joined in 😉

Unknowingly we’d arrived in Lavanto on festival day, religious festivals are very much part of Italian life and every town has one at some point, tonight it was Lavanto’s turn. The parade through the streets ended at the sea front and was concluded with a fantastic fireworks display….
Sorry about the dodgy firework photo, I think you get the idea though. It was an interesting evening and it certainly bought Lavanto to life, it was packed everywhere. There were fast food vans, market stalls selling the usual tourist tat, bars and restaurants overflowing with happy and contented people and lots of oohs and aahhs as the fireworks lit up the night sky, a great first night in Lavanto !!
The real reason we were in Lavanto though was because of a group of very pretty little fishing villages, collectively called The Cinque Terre, as you’ll see from the photos, they are truly stunning !! Lavanto is ideally placed to see these villages because it has a train line and you can buy a special ticket to visit them, it’s so much easier than lugging your bike round, it’s gives us a bit more freedom and its quicker. We’d never have been able to see so much here if we’d cycled, the roads are so steep it would have taken days to do what we managed in one day !! We actually visited two of the villages so here are a few photos…..












Picture postcard stuff really, I’ve rarely been anywhere that is so beautiful, I’ve so many photos of our time here it was a real struggle to select just a few random photos. In due course I’ll put more on Facebook so you can see them all.
So that was our trip to Lavanto and the Cinque Terre, next time it’s Pisa and Tuscany !!
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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