Malaysia, Kuala Lumpor

The title might be Kuala Lumpor but we’re not there yet, only two more days though !
In my last blog we were still in Mallaca, we had a good time there and it’s certainly a place I would recommend if your heading to Malaysia.
On our way to Kuala Lumpur we stopped in Port Dickson and Banting, nothing much to report. Port Dickson hotel, The Avillion was huge, clean and very formal, the hotel in Banting, the Foong Inn firstly took some finding but once found turned out to be clean and friendly. The scenery was still mainly palm trees and it was still very humid. We travelled mainly on route 5, with only occasional exceptions. From Banting we would be cycling into Kuala Lumpur, a huge city, lots of traffic and us with no map or idea where we were going !
Fortunately we do have and iPad and google maps, after about 35km we stopped in a garage just short of Klang. We were lucky the garage had Wi Fi and helpful staff and between us all we worked out the best route into the city. The route included cycling on the motorway, something your allowed to do in Malaysia on certain routes. Fortunately a lot of motorways around Kuala Lumpur have a bike lane running parallel to the motorway….brilliant !!
So with route finalised, directions written down and both of us ready, we set off, our first 20km or so on a bike lane parallel to the motorway. It started raining and raining hard, bit warm drops of rain, we were soaked in seconds but still enjoying the ride.

Like I said, bike lane parallel to motorway, brilliant !

It wasn’t all quite so straight forward though, occasionally the bike lane just isn’t there and you have to cycle with the traffic. It’s ok until you get to an off ramp or on ramp, then you really need to be careful !! We survived, wet, elated and tired but we were very happy to see this…

If you look closely you can just make out the Petronas Towers, our bikes are in shot in the foreground !!

We were very much looking forward to getting a closer look at this outstanding feat of engineering. We found our hotel not long after and soon sorted ourselves out. Bikes stashed safely, us showered, washing sorted, email and Facebook done…..time to go see the city !
We took a walk to the local metro station and very quickly had tickets to the nearest station to the Petronas towers. There above a huge shopping mall, plenty of things to take our mind of sightseeing but we settled for a coffee and a snack before going to see them. We were told we could only get tickets for the following day, we bought some for just after lunch and went away feeling lucky that we’d not left it until the next day otherwise we may have missed the tour altogether !!
We did however go and take some photos of the outside…..

Incredible, we could hardly wait for tomorrow !!

The following morning we set off for a look round the Botanical gardens, they also house a huge aviary, butterfly garden, orchid garden, ex presidents villa, mosque and several other attractions. We knew we wouldn’t see then all but we gave it a go, here are a few photos from the mornings sightseeing…

The old cricket pitch with the Kuala Lumpur skyline.


On our way to the botanic gardens, even the street lights and fountains are trying to get in on the act !


Great start, very pretty place !

Got a bit of attitude of this Hornbill when we stopped for coffee at the aviary.



Some of the beautiful orchids on display !

One of my favourite photos from the day, I don’t need to tell you where it is do I ?



Three photos from the home of ex president Abdul Razak, beautifully tranquil place with some interesting items and anecdotes !!

We continued to walk through this beautiful garden until we made it to the southern most edge and the……

Now I’m not one for any sort of religion but I am interested in engineering and architecture so we took a look !




Stunning building and I have to say we were greeted warmly and treated very well although I suspect I recruiting drive !!

Onward, back into the city, heading towards China Town and some lunch. Passing through a station on the way and saw this, just to prove that Kuala Lumpur’s not all beautiful !!

Although it would seem that at least one artist has serious talent….

Nice piece !

China town was the usual riot of colour, noise, food, smells and sales pitches to beat all, you’ve gotta love these places, so alive…


Brilliant !!

After our early lunch we jumped on the metro and headed for our visit to the Petronas Towers, this was something I’d been looking forward to ever since we decided to visit South East Asia and the day had finally arrived….very excited !!
We got off the metro and walked through the terminal and straight into the mall, it’s huge, about eight floors of prime retail space. Shops selling all the premium brands of watches, shoes, luggage, clothes….in fact just about anything you can think of, all you need is the money…..

Looking up the central atrium and the top few floors !

From here it’s a short walk to the lift, up one floor then through the lobby before heading down a floor to the visitors centre. We were greeted by our guide then all made to go through security screens before being seated ready for the pre tour info and video. That done we were herded into lifts and taken to the sky bridge, this is basically hanging from both towers and does move quite a lot in strong winds. It weighs in at an impressive 750 tons and is on two levels, it aids airflow between the towers and is also useful in emergency evacuations….not to mention its a great place to take photos !!


The lobby and dancing fountains.


The sky bridge, it’s fantastic !!



Like I said, a great place to take photos and were only just over half way up !!

After a little more info from our guide we were ready for the main event, the observation deck. We were herded back into the elevators and headed up to the 86th floor. I had no idea what to expect but it was better than I’d hoped !!


Self explanatory I think !

Looking across at the other tower.



More stunning views and finally a photos of yours truly 😉

I have to say that the tour isn’t a cheap thing to do but if your anywhere near Kuala Lumpur you really should do it because it’s brilliant and you’ll only regret it if you don’t !! After the tour we headed back to our hotel, Swiss Hotel to be precise, friendly staff, good Wi Fi and although the rooms aren’t huge they were clean and everything worked. Also they took care of our bikes with no fuss and helped with directions, the Metro etc. At the hotel we relaxed for a while, packed ready for the morning then got ready for dinner, this was a bit if a treat for us. One of Naomi’s friends from Facebook, Alexander Chang, lives in KL and was taking us out for dinner. He picked us up, on time and we picked up his wife on route to the restaurant. Unfortunately there baby sitter could not do all night so Alexander’s wife had to go home after about an hour. Into her shoes came Andy Wong, a friend of Alexandre’s, Naomi and I then proceeded to bore them with details of our trips while they kept the beer and food coming ! They were perfect hosts and wouldn’t let us help with the bill at the end. The food was fabulous, the beer was excellent and the company stimulating and generous, it was a truly wonderful evening and a great end to our Kuala Lumpur adventure.
I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you’ll keep your eyes open for the next instalment 😉
Take care


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I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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  1. Graham says:

    Hi to you both, I’m glad you are enjoying your trip. John you lnow I did Bangkok to Singapore and loved it totally. The People and the Places, hope you enjoy! Take Care Graham, love the blogs

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