Australia, Byron Bay to Yamba

Morning in Byron Bay arrived to soon, so after breakfast and cleaning the cabin we were still on our way at 8.00am, a shortish day of about 65km. Our destination varies today depending on weather and hills, we’re aiming for Wardell but hopefully we’ll get to Broadwater which is a little further on.
We headed out of Byron Bay heading for Bellina on the coast road or Tourist Drive as they call it. We hadn’t gone to far when it started to rain and it then rained on and off all day. We don’t mind to much as it’s still warm and quite refreshing ! The first few kilometres after we’d left Byron Bay were characterised by fire damaged trees. We weren’t sure whether it was deliberate fires to control the brush or the remnants of an actual brush fire. Either way it looked quite bad but despite the damage you could see the vibrant green of the new growth pushing it’s way toward the light. Nature, it seems really is a splendid thing !!
A little further on we took a small detour at Lennox Head as there’s a lookout there, some great views back down to the beaches on both sides of the headland, definitely worth the stop !! We were soon back on the coast road though and passed through Skennars Head, we didn’t stop this time as it was far to wet to get the cameras out. After that we rolled into Bellina and just made it inside a cafe before it poured down yet again. Coffee and a shared cake, being good and saving money !! From Bellina it was a short ride to Burns Point where we caught the ferry ( free to cycles ) across the Richmond river and headed to Wardell. The road was now much flatter than the rolling hills of the earlier part of the ride and followed the river until Wardell. We were doing well for time so we decided to carry on to Broadwater. We turned left onto the Pacific Highway, horrible road but no other choice was available. Broadwater was soon in sight and after checking into the camp and putting up our tents we headed back into town for lunch. The local gas station had a diner and the food was good and cheap. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and taking photos of birds, dragon headed reptiles and sunsets. After dinner we got talking to a couple of blokes, Peter and Dave, they took an interest in our trip and were soon offering coffee and an electric socket to charge the iPad . We showed them a few photos from our trip, perhaps you’d like to take a look at some of today’s…..

















I just can’t resist a good sunset !!
Peter was back on hospitality duty in the morning and had the kettle on ready for a brew before we left, Dave joined us and the banter continued…we left a little later than intended but no regrets 😉
The ride from Broadwater to Yamba is boring, no other word for it ! It’s all on the highway and there is no alternative, fortunately for most of it there’s a small shoulder. We stopped just the once for a coffee, it was at a funky little caravan in a lay-by, great coffee and even better coconut cake !!
The last 14km is off the highway and although a relief to get off it we were now on an even narrower road with hardly any shoulder…..just can’t win ! We found a camp, pretty much in the centre of town, put up the tents and went in search of food and beer. We found both at the Pacific Hotel, both were good and there was certainly plenty of food at a great price. A little sightseeing then back to camp for showers and a little R & R before dinner.
Not to many photos but here’s what I’ve got….












Well I reckon that’ll do for the second instalment, keep reading or just look at the photos, either way I hope you enjoy 😉
Keep safe


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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