Australia, Coffs Harbour to Crescent Heads

Slept ok, packed up, had breakfast and headed out of Coffs in the direction of Nambucca Heads. The ride started well enough, a slightly quieter back road, then onto a cycle path that was all trees and morning light coming through the branches. That, took us into Sawtell and we made the effort to cycle up to the lookout, tough climb but worth it ! Great photos of the beautiful beach and a rather lovely little toadstool 😉 After Sawtell we yet again struck lucky and found a quiet back road, really quiet, then we found out why. The road was closed due to a landslide, fortunately we were close to an exit for the Pacific Coast Highway. Again left with no choice we were back with the trucks and fast moving cars !!
We pulled of at Urunga for for our customary coffee and cake stop, and with only 22km left of the days ride we took our time.
Once back on the road we passed a small black campervan with a trailer, we’ve been leapfrogging it since Burleigh Heads and had noticed it says “caution walker” on the side. This time we stopped and asked what was going on. A lady who turned out to be the walkers mum and was justifiably proud of her 20 year old son told us the story. This young man had met a young girl with brain cancer and was so struck with her story he decided to do something to raise money. He decided to walk round Australia, he started in Adelaide and went clockwise, he’s now 500km north of Sydney and hopes to finish in June. He walks 50km a day and is usually our for about 12 hours. His mum and brother drive the camper van and support him, he’s so far raised over $110,000 Australian dollars !! What a fantastic young man, his name is Jimmy and if you feel so inclined you could support him, the link is :-
We were well looked after by Richard and Maria in Grafton and have just payed it forward 😉
After that it was an easy ride into Nambucca and a slight uphill to the Headland Campsite. Lovely friendly welcome to this very pretty camp and possibly one of the best views from a camp I’ve seen for a long time !!
We did a few chores as we’d got in early but as soon as the washing was on the line we set off for a walk. Down onto the beach, no easy feat on its own, from there we walked round two headlands then back up to a brilliant view point for the photos of the day. Dinner at the RSL club after that was well deserved as were the two beers to help it down. Then back to camp to sort pictures, email, Facebook etc, soon be time for bed, I’m tired 😉
I had a tough time choosing those photos !!
Had a good time in Nambucca but it had to end, 6.30am and up all ready…and it’s raining !!
Breakfast done, dishes washed and were off, 85km to get to Crescent Heads and for most of it we’ll be on our old friend, The Pacific Coast Highway !!
It wasn’t as bad as we expected and we covered 45km in quick time then stopped at a road house for coffee and a pie before turning off for South West Rocks. About 4km in we turned right for Smith Town and Gladstone, a much better and quieter road.
We followed the river and crossed it a few times. We were surrounded by huge fields, crops of all types soaking up the sun and cattle drinking at the river, very idyllic. We stopped to buy groceries on our way and I was thankful for some fruit later, with about 10km to go I was starting to flag so we munched on watermelon…..mmmm 😉
We threw our rinds to the cattle, they almost had a head butting contest to see who won the spoils ! Feeling better we finished the ride and found a camp right on the beach, expensive but it is a lovely view !!
Lunch was a quick sandwich but we’d decided to go out for dinner at the country club !! To give ourselves an appetite we went for a walk up the huge hill, the views were great from the top but we spotted another view point so back down and round the golf course to another headland. We stopped to watch the surfers on the way but the waves weren’t quite right and there wasn’t much action. More photos then a slow walk to the club, 15 bucks got us a huge plate of fish and chips and as a bonus, a salad bowl arrived, weren’t expecting that. We took part in the the meat raffle but alas came away empty handed, oh well !!
And so to our tents, me to write this blog and sort out today’s photos and Naomi to plan our route south, never a dull moment !!
More photos, it’s all you really want isn’t it ??….






To many photos, no, I didn’t think so either 😉
Another blog / diary complete, lots more to come !
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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2 Responses to Australia, Coffs Harbour to Crescent Heads

  1. Kev says:

    I’m so pleased you are seeing some of the best things about AUS… its places and people.

    Ride safe.

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