Australia, Crescent Heads to Port Macquarie

From Crescent Heads to Port Macquarie, 35km, dirt roads but pretty says the guide book….bull shit, the guide book needs amending !! It’s dirt roads all right but it sure ain’t pretty, you only get to see the ocean twice, that is unless you have a monster four wheel drive handy. And the road, it started with a very short paved section which quickly deteriorated into compacted grit, loose sandy spots and potholes, it got worse though and for 6km it became deep, loose sand. Unrideable for most of that 6km and pushing our heavy bikes through it was not fun. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was anything to see but for most of the ride you were surrounded by trees, and when you did stop, mosquitos, lots of them !!
I really didn’t enjoy the ride and would have gladly throttled the stupid prat who though it a good idea to put it in as a ” pretty cycle route “, a clear case of ” rose tinted spectacles ” !! Rant over !!
We made it to Settlement Point, eventually, took the free ferry across and made our way past all the expensive homes by the water until we found a coffee shop. You guessed it, time for coffee and cake. A bucket of coffee and some fabulous cake later we left to find our accomodation, the Port Macquarie backpackers. We’re here for two nights and as usual on a day off we’ve opted for a room, much safer than leaving kit in a tent !
Managed to get ourselves on a trip to the koala hospital, all say “ahh”, some amazing stories and great photos of one of Australia’s icons !!
Spent the afternoon relaxing, planning, calling family, emailing, writing blogs, uploading photos and a little TLC for the bikes….what part was relaxing about any of that !!
Oh well, cheap pizza, wine, beer and now to bed. Lots of walking planned for tomorrow, more photos and a possible meet up with one of Naomi’s friends. Should be a good day 😉
Night night !!
And so to the photo show. No bears were hurt in this blog….













It’s funny but now I look at the photos, it actually makes it look far prettier than it was. All the lovely stuff happened early on and sucked you into thinking it would continue…it didn’t !!
Wow, I slept really well, didn’t get up until 8.45 !! Trust me this is a real lie in for me, I don’t sleep well normally and am usually awake about 3.30 to 4.00am !
Quick breakfast then out for a walk, first a visit to the tourist info to find out the condition of some roads we’d planned on using. We’re not using them now as they will be similar to the awful road from Crescent Heads !
Our walk took us along the harbour wall then out around the headland, great views, waves crashing in, lots of spray and noise. A couple of hills to climb with even better views, lots of photos…to many to be honest. It was hot and humid and we were both feeling weary, we checked the time and it was nearly lunchtime already, amazing how time flies when your having fun. So a walk back into town to find a cheap lunch, a tavern with a lunch special did the trick and with it being happy hour a couple of beers didn’t break the bank !!
After lunch we set off for a walk round the arboretum, it’s close to the cemetery and creek. They’ve constructed a boardwalk to make it easy and separated the walk into stages. We picked the mangrove walk and before we knew it we were surrounded by fruit bats, thousands of them !!
Naomi was a little nervous to start with but soon had her camera out as well and pretty soon we were both snapping away. They certainly made a lot of noise and when they got restless and started to fly off to different trees it was almost deafening.
We stopped to grab a few groceries on our way back to the hostel. We intended to cook but one of Naomi’s friends, Stuart, and his wife Joy and there little girl Annie were in town so we met for dinner. A local Thai restaurant with a $16 all you can eat buffet, great food, good value and a very pleasant evening which was over far to soon. We said our goodbyes and wished them well with there trip.
So another great day in this wonderful country, off to Laurieton tomorrow 😉
More photos…..
















As you can probably tell, I’m having a terrible time here 😉
Keep reading, keep enjoying 😉
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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