Australia, Taree to Bulahdelah

Naomi was feeling a little delicate this morning and wasn’t at her best on the bike so I’m sure she wasn’t to happy to find that I’d missed a turn and added 20km to our 66km ride to Pacific Palms !!
It was a pleasant ride, off the highway which means it’s a narrower road and sometimes no shoulder. My mistake meant we ended up in a place called Old Bar, it’s on the coast but there’s no road south from there. We had to go back to the highway and go south for a bit before turning left onto the Lakes Way. It’s one of many Tourist Drives and as such you’d expect it to be scenic. There not, they just get you off the highway, it might be ok if you had a four by four and could get up the tracks to the beach or lakes but were on bikes…it’s not happening. Despite my whinge it is a pleasant ride. At about 50km Naomi was getting a bit low on energy she needed a cake or sugary drink. We found a cafe at a dolls museum, what an odd place, surrounded by dolls and a very dodgy tribute to Elvis while I ate a scone and drank my coffee, very nearly put me off !!
From there it was a relatively easy ride to Forster, a quick photo stop, then over the bridge for the last 20km in Pacific Palms, again nothing much to see. Although you can hear the surf breaking on the beach you can’t see it because of the dense trees. We arrived and found the campsite, it’s a quiet little place, no shops, but there is a sports and social club by the lake, at least we wouldn’t go hungry or thirsty. We had a great table overlooking the lake, eating dinner while watching the sunset was fantastic, mother nature put on a great show, there were some amazing colours !!
Back to the tent to write blogs, Facebook and email, no rest for the wicked !!
Time for bed, but the fruit bats had other ideas, they were all in the trees above our heads and boy do they make a lot of noise.
Anyway that’s enough for now, all you want are photos, not so much choice as it’s been a “nice” ride and not spectacular !!


















Sorry about the quality of the Elvis tribute 😉
Breakfast and dishes done, bikes loaded, time for the off, direction Bulahdelah. It’s a 45km ride but it’s hilly and the big climbs are towards the end of the ride, just before you join the highway. It’s scenic but not spectacular, a densely forested road meandering it’s way between huge lakes. The occasional glimpse of fluffy white clouds reflected in the steely grey waters and the noise of birds calling from the tree tops. Climb a hill, descend into a flat valley, skirt a lake, then climb another hill. Not difficult, just enough to give the legs and lungs a little workout.
With about 10km to go we hit the first big hill, no gears left and we were only just starting. Relax, breathe, peddle and keep pedalling, cars whizzing by makes you wobble slightly as your moving to slow. The occasional driver toots the horn and waves, this spurs us on, the climb starts to flatten, you change gear just one at a time and finally you pedal over the top. A rapid change of gears now, you descend through the trees, the wind whistling through your helmet, it’s almost like flying !!
Just one more big hill, shorter than the last but steeper, I’m really having to push. Naomi’s in front, I can hear her breathing hard, I call to her to push and she responds, surging forward towards the summit. I follow, breathless but elated, we’ve made it, another hill defeated, another downhill that we deserve and savour.
A couple of kilometres and were back on the highway, the exit ramp looms in the distance, a test in itself but we’re ready for it now. A short ride down the hill into town, lunch, shopping then back to the campsite we passed on the way in. The routine begins again, tents, email, Facebook, planning, dinner and finally bed 😉
Goodnight folks !!
Oop’s nearly forgot the photos…











Despite it being a bad day for photos, it was a great ride 😉
Another blog, more to come, plenty of photos as well I’ve no doubt !!
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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