Australia, Katoomba to Blayney

Our time in Katoomba was a little frustrating, there’s so much to do and see there and we were well and truly scuppered by the weather. It’s not to say that we didn’t have fun, we most certainly did, but the fact remains that in life you usually only get one shot and this time we had to pass !!
Oh well, onward and upward as they say. We woke to another grey day, the mist just like yesterday hanging low over the mountains, almost completely obscuring them. We dressed, packed and set off into the gloom, neither of us particularly excited about the ride. We were only going about 50km but with it being so grey it felt much longer. About 15km into the ride we entered Blackheath, we were aiming for a view point called Govetts Leap. We turned right off the highway into the main road, at this point we were out of the mist and hopeful of a view. As we cycled towards the view we started to descend and as we did we were yet again surrounded by mist. It was impossible, there’d be no view, so we turned back towards the town, just taking a picture of the road, mist and signpost, a souvenir of a good idea !!
Any way as we started back there was a woman speed walking, I started to talk to her and before I knew what had happened she was reprimanding me for not going all the way to the view point, practically could me lazy….if only she knew !!
Oh well, I could have explained but I think my words would have been wasted on her, by the time I’d finished my coffee I was over her crass remarks 😉
From Blackheath you keep climbing until Mount Victoria then you get to enjoy the 3km descent into the valley, all of a sudden your below the mist and there are vibrant green fields, rivers, lakes, ponds and trees clinging to the steep sides. The sheer vibrancy after being in the greyness was almost overwhelming. We were enjoying this bit of the ride but we knew there’d be another climb up to Lithgow and our final destination. We weren’t wrong, it was a good long drag of about 3km or so, not to steep but enough to get the heart rate up. We entered Lithgow by the tourist info and asked a few questions about campsites, routes etc. we were going to cycle another 14km to a free camp they told us about but after a light lunch I hesitated and we stopped in Lithgow. I couldn’t find any campsite in the place they suggested and I got cold feet, oh well, at least the site in Lithgow was cheap.
The only thing is it’s way out of town so just as well we had food with us. We spent the evening sorting new routes, emailing, FB and blogging….and taking photos of toadstools and ants…..we always seem to have something to do. Let’s hope tomorrow has better weather then we might get to see some more of the beautiful area !!
Not to many photos from the ride but here’s what I’ve got..





















It seems there were more than I thought 😉
When we started out trip in Brisbane both Naomi and I agreed that we wanted to cycle all the way from Brisbane to Adelaide. In some of our other trips we’ve had no option but to take other forms of transport but here we decided that we’d do it all. Well the thing is we have friends in Melbourne who we’d love to see, but our intended arrival date means they’ll all be on Easter holidays. So to get there earlier we needed to make up a day or two and have fewer rest days ! Well today is going to be tough, we’ve decided to cycle 100km and get further than we’d originally intended. The problem is that today’s ride now has over 1200m of climbing and it’s suddenly decided to be hot !!
Oh well, best get in with it. We left camp ridiculously early because we got up at the normal time then found out the clocks had to go back. So by the time we’d packed up and had breakfast it was only just 7.00am. It’s also a Sunday is we pretty much had the roads to ourselves for a while, it’s an eerie feeling being on a huge road with no other traffic !
The first of many hills was straight out of camp, a
One slow 2.5km drag, three gears left so an easy start, the rest of the 60km into Bathurst followed the same way. Up one hill, ride the plateau then down the descent, did I ever mention how much better I am at going down hills !!
The scenery now is pastoral, cattle grazing, horses in paddocks, a few sheep, rivers, lakes and far less trees than yesterday. The road is still wide and thankfully the shoulder for the most part is still wide enough to keep us out of harms way.
The weird thing about today was the large number of positive toots, waves and headlight flashing…oh and the occasional thumbs up as well, it was like everyone had taken there happy pills today, not complaining though !!
At Bathurst we stopped for food, a great little cafe next to the tourist info, it was only 10.30 so Naomi had the mega breakfast and I had a burger. Man that breakfast was huge, god only knows where she put it all and as for my burger….delicious !!
Back on the road and only 40km left, there was a time in my life I would never had said “only another 40km” distant memory now !!
The hills kept on coming and with 20km my knees were beginning to ache, this is nothing new and all I can do us keep turning the pedals. Naomi in contrast was like an express train up the hills, amazing stamina !!
Finally we reached the top of the last hill and from there we knew it was a good 6 or 7km to reach Blayney. It was such a relief to just coast downhill and barely pedal. We found the campsite and got ourselves sorted then as we’d had a tough day we decided to go out for food and a cheeky beer.
Back in camp before eight and already tired, at least tomorrow should be a little easier, my eyes are closing as I write this so I’m off to bed !!
Night all 😉
Oops, nearly forgot the photos !












So much better when the suns shining 😉
Well that really is it, another blog finished, I’m off to bed 😉
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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