Australia, Euroa to Melbourne

Up early as normal, tents packed then into the camp kitchen to sort breakfast, but no, Naomi’s pannier has lost a screw. It must still be in the tent, get it out, shake it and find the screw, refit it and back to breakfast, well no ! Naomi has now managed to misplace the key for the female toilets and showers. This time she unpacks all four panniers, still can’t find the key, tells the manager who gives her a new one and takes $5 of her, could have been worse !!
So we finally get breakfast, wash up and get off, it’s now 8.45 and we have 86km to go if we don’t use the freeway. It’s actually 76km on the freeway but it would be very boring. Our destination is a place called Broadford, there’s no campsite there so we know we’ll have to get a motel but it puts us in reach of Melbourne, so it’s worth it 😉
From Euroa we cycled out on the back roads, over the freeway, turned right and ran parallel for a while. The road then swings left way from the freeway and should have swung right to go back over it. I don’t know where the road was but we cycled much further than we thought we should. There was another right turn much further on, an unmade road, it takes you up over a fairly big hill then across the freeway before turning left to Longwood. Some great scenery but we’ve travelled much further than anticipated and it’ll count by the end of the day.
Naomi wasn’t feeling great so we stopped in Longwood for coffee and biscuits, I think she needed a sugar rush to get her started 😉
Anyway, it seemed to work and Nao felt much better afterwards and we cycled on to Avenel, there’s not much there and it wasn’t quite time for lunch so we pressed on to Seynour, flatter roads meant we made good time. Just as we got into Seymour there was a pub doing $10 lunches, just what we needed, I had steak and wedges and Nao had pasta, the meals were huge, seriously we could have shared my steak, but I did eat it all !!
From Seymour it’s at least another 30km into Broadford and the roads are becoming rolling hills, just what you need at the end of a long day !! Still the lovely scenery kept us inspired and we had the road pretty much to ourselves so it was a great ride.
We made it to the motel at about 4.00 and wasted no time in getting settled, showered and all electricals on charge. Then out to dinner, a few beers then back to sort the route for our ride into Melbourne !!
Night all 😉
But first the photos….

















A long day but a great ride with some lovely scenery !!
From Broadford we’d left ourselves a good 90km, it would be a long days ride and we were expecting some hills as well. We left with good weather, bright blue sky’s, little wind and reasonably warm. An almost perfect cycling day, we headed straight up the hill through Broadford then it seemed to be straight up another, then another until we finally gained the top of the dividing range at 482m, the views from here were great and of course we stopped to take photos !
Now you’d think it would be all down hill to Melbourne, but you’d be wrong !
We did enjoy a fairly long descent into Wallan, then we stopped for coffee and cake just about where we needed to turn off the highway. The next part of our route would be on the Old Sydney Road, as it turned out it was sealed in some places and not in others but all of it was fairly hilly !!
There were a few really tough climbs followed by some fantastic downhills, the ones that make you think you can fly. We pushed on, hoping that the next hill would be the last and then finally you climb a hill and there before you is Melbourne, and you can’t see anymore hills. From here we start entering suburbia and it gets progressively busier. We stop for lunch at a McDonalds, it’s cheap, convenient and they have toilets !! From here it’s back to proper roads and having to navigate, it’s busy now and we’re grateful to finally reach the river. From here we follow the bike path until Yarraville then we’re only a couple of Km’s away. On the way we stop to take photos of the skyline and to chat to a few people who are interested in where we’re going and where we’ve been. It’s a lovely ride by the river and even better as it’s flat and you don’t need to navigate to much.
We picked up the keys to Naomi’s friends house, Rachel and Pablo, and went straight there. Washing on, beds made, showered and on the computers when Pablo came home from work.
I’ve never met him before but he made me feel very welcome and it was obvious that Naomi was pleased to see him again but was really looking forward to seeing Rachel. That came later, the three of us met Rachel at a local Italian restaurant, the food and wine was great, the company warm and friendly and all in all it was a great end to a fantastic day.
So I suppose you’d like to see some photos, oh ok then !




























The photos end just before we left the river for the last few km’s, we were so lucky to have a place to stay that was so close to the centre of Melbourne. From Rachel and Pablo’s house it’s a 400m walk to the station and 15mins on the train from there. They’d also left us there train passes, we certainly made use of them over the next few dates but you’ll need to read the next blog for that 😉
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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