Australia, Melbourne to Queenscliff

My god, the noise of the rain hammering on the roof woke me up, well that and the wind trying to rip the tree from the yard outside the window. I packed with almost no enthusiasm whatsoever, desperately hoping the wind and rain would have abated by the time we’d finished breakfast, it wasn’t to be. We left the comfort of Rachel and Pablo’s home and set off to deliver the keys back to Rachel’s cousin. The rain soaked us within the first kilometre and the wind was trying to push us sideways across the road. Having successfully delivered the keys we set off for the Westgate Punt Ferry, what a great service. It takes pedestrians and cyclists across the Yarra River, straight under the Westgate Bridge and delivers you into Westgate park. The park is a fantastic place and in the summer must be a great place to bring a family, the highlight being the pink lake !
From here you turn right on the cycle path and follow it to the water then turn left along the coast, from here there’s a great cycle path for at least the first 30km. It takes you through parks, industrial, suburban and coastal foreshore. On a better day it would have offered numerous photo opportunities but today the camera rarely left my bag.
After about 25km we were getting cold, we stopped for coffee and took a while over drinking it, hoping the rain would cease a little. We couldn’t wait much longer and had no choice but to continue our journey, the next 15km or so the rain did come and go, but mostly….it stayed !!
As we got into Carrum, we had to stop at the railway to let a train pass, I swear that as we did so the rain came down even harder, it was literally bouncing of our jackets. We decided there and then to stop for lunch and dry out a bit. We pulled up in front of a place called Freddie’s, a young lady who we later found out was called Helen gave us a cheery hello and that was enough for us, we decided to eat right there. The food was fantastic, as was the coffee, but the best bit were the small but very beautiful and tasty deserts that Helen presented to us “on the house” she said, such kindness from strangers has been a feature of our trip and this was no exception.
We left feeling much better about our day, a little drier to ! We continued our way along the coast until Frankston, we were going to Mornington, but only because there was a campsite there. With the weather as it was, neither of us wanted to camp and Frankston offered better opportunities for cheaper alternatives.
We popped into the tourist centre and a very helpful lady called Melanie soon had us booked into a local motel.
A quick trip to the seafront to take photos while the rain had stopped, before heading off for a shower and hot drink. The room was good once we’d worked out how to get heat out of the air conditioner ! After a long hot shower we headed into town for a few groceries and a new hair trimmer, mine had just packed up leaving me looking like a refugee punk !!
All items duly purchased and then back to the room to write blogs and listen to the rain hammering on the roof, I do hope it stops before tomorrow. Read the next blog to find out, but for now, good night and take care !!
But first a few photos, and I do mean a few !














Like I said, only a few 😉
I stuck my head through the curtains at about 6.30am and was delighted to see the tail end of a beautiful sunrise and blue sky’s ! It was a hell of a lot better that yesterday’s torrential rain. We both wasted no time in getting up, packing, having breakfast and leaving. It was just about 8.00am when we left the motel and with no other choice we joined the highway south. It did have a cycle lane so it wasn’t to bad but of course we would have preferred to have cycled closer to the sea. Not to many opportunities to stop and take photos from the highway but it was still a great ride. The first hill was only a couple of km into our ride and soon had us warmed up, it may be sunny but it’s still quite chilly !
We made good progress, quickly passing through Mornington where we stopped at a bike shop for a couple of spare tubes. Back to the coast road from there and on to Mount Martha and then down hill into Dromana. Took a few photos with the bikes and the sea here before getting a coffee and a cake, just can’t resist them now !!
From Dromana we cycled up Arthur’s Seat, a 3km twisting hill climb with some grades at 15%, great views from the lookouts so certainly worth the effort. From the top we cycled down the back side, Purves Road, Browns Road and finally back to the coast at Rye. From there it was flat roads into Blairgowrie where we had lunch, fish and chips, mmmm 😉 Then the final bit of the ride into Sorrento where we caught the ferry across to Queens Cliff, it was getting late when we arrived but luckily for us we made it in time for sunset, and wow, what a sunset !!
Were happy to be back on the coast, there’s something we both enjoy about cycling by the sea. Hopefully the weather will stay warm and dry for a while yet and maybe reward our efforts with more stunning sunsets, who knows ? For now we’re just happy to be here and still cycling !!
And so for the photos…



























What a great day, bright blue sky’s, not to hot, very little wind and great scenery…fantastic !!
Take care, keep reading !!


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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  1. Kev says:

    Awesome stuff, my old training grounds!!!

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