Australia, Queenscliff to Lorne

Despite it being a cold night we both slept well and were eager to get going the next morning. Our first stop was at the tourist info in Queenscliff, we wanted to get some info on routes and if possible cheap alternatives to camping if the weather became colder or very wet. Well they sorted out our routes ok, sadly not the cheap accommodation, printed directions to get to the Great Ocean Road, maps of the area and all the things we should do…we were ready to go. The directions worked well up until a roundabout where we should have been at 15km but we were only at 13km. We weren’t sure whether to turn left or keep going, fortunately a car stopped and soon had us pointed in the right direction. The driver also happened to be a cyclist and gave us some local knowledge on routes from Barwon Heads to Torquay…perfect !
The ride to Barwon Heads was straight forward from there, the sea never to far away, tree lined roads, crisp autumn air and blue sky’s….fantastic !
At Barwon Heads you cross a lovely old wooden bridge and according to our friendly driver turn left towards the sea. Well we turned left and came across a lovely cafe / hotel / restaurant, it had such a great location we couldn’t resist stopping for our customary coffee and cake. The place sits by the side of a large inlet, slightly raised and with fabulous views of the Heads and bridge, it also, as we later found out, made fantastic cakes 😉
After coffee we took a short walk to take some photos then continued our ride towards Torquay, we didn’t get to far before we stopped to take more photos. There was a viewing platform that gave great views over the Heads and back to our coffee stop, we just couldn’t resist.
The route our helpful driver gave us, proved good, the road followed the sea, very closely and later became a cycle path which cut off a large corner and from there it was a pleasant ride into Torquay. We stopped here for groceries, ATM’s and lunch, chicken kebabs to be precise and very good they were to !!
We only had a short ride from there into Anglesea and the last 6km was mostly downhill, you know what that means…up hill in the morning !!
The camp was huge, I mean enormous and there were so many people trying to use the small kitchen we decided to go out for pizza, great decision, especially the bottle of wine we had to wash it down 😉
Again it was a really cold night but I think the good food and wine helped me not to notice, and I slept well !!
Better show you a few photos then….















Great days ride, just very cold at night !!
Well I might have slept well last night but man it was so cold this morning I let Nao and myself sleep in until the sun warmed us up a bit. We only had 30km to do so it was ok to chill out in the kitchen and warm up over breakfast. When the sun did come out it was still a bit week but with bright blue sky’s and the Great Ocean Road waiting, we set off. Now no surprises that there was a fairly good climb out of Anglesea, a steady grade with a viewing area halfway up.
Of course we stopped and we’ll stop at many more before this journey ends, such great views. The deep blue sea with its breakers all white tipped crashing against pristine golden sands….fantastic.
As we cycled along we marvelled at the incredible houses that line this road, they’re just amazing. Huge glass blocks with towers and bridges to lookouts of there own, I’d hate to think how much they all cost.
We stopped a couple more times, once at Urquhart Bluff, again stunning views and the second time was at Aireys Inlet. The inlet comes in through a huge gap in a cliff and there’s a lighthouse up on the bluff overlooking the inlet, what a great location !!
From there we climbed a huge hill, again with stunning views, but alas no where to stop on the narrow twisting road. The descent brings you down to the memorial arch, dedicated to Soldiers killed in WW1. In fact the road itself was constructed by returning soldiers and the memorial is the worlds longest war memorial at 243km !!
After that it was a fairly steady ride into Lorne, our base for the night. We yet again tried to find cheap alternatives to camping but were in a very expensive area so it was out with the tents again. After setting up we wandered into town for a look around, a bit of lunch and to take in the fabulous scenery. The beaches here are brilliant, they are all sand at one end but as you head north there is a huge expanse of flat rock that sticks out into the sea, makes for great photos and gives the fishermen somewhere to stand 😉
Well we spent a fair chunk of our evening in the camp kitchen, trying to stay warm, these last few days the temperature has really dropped and were feeling it !!
Oh well, soon be a day off and we’ll be in a proper bed for a couple of nights, but until then, bbrrrrr !!
Before I go, the usual photos first…






















The scenery is getter pretty damned impressive now !!
Well that’s enough for this blog, keep reading though as there’ll be lots more pictures !!
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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