Australia, Beachport to Kingston

We left our hotel in Beachport with a smile on our face, it was sunny, not hot, but sunny, and that makes a whole lot of difference. For a while now we’ve had some bad weather, cold, windy and very wet, so this was a good day ! The ride from Beachport to Robe isn’t very long, about 55km and it’s flat, really flat !!
Not only is it flat but to to honest it’s a little bit boring, a harsh word I know but there’s nothing out here. You travel miles out here without seeing anyone, without any buildings, no shops, no houses….nothing. I still find it a bit odd, coming from the UK where your never that far from something, it just feels….odd !!
Anyway, we had no problems getting to Robe, but just as we were about to stop at the public toilets my rear tyre blew out. We’d been expecting it, the tyre had developed a large lump where it had been split, probably by a piece of glass. Luckily I’d picked up a spare tyre in Hokitika, New Zealand, and had been carrying it ever since !!
It was a bit of a struggle to get it fitted as it had been twisted into my bag for so long it had gone out of shape. Eventually though, I persuaded it onto the rim and we got going again. Now we’d passed our caravan park about 1km back but had decided to get into town for lunch and a few provisions.
Lunch came by way of a great little cafe and to be honest it was more cakes and coffee but we’d earned it !!
From there we cycled up to the Marina and back to the tourist info, we found out about a vintage car rally that was taking place on our day off…always good to have something to look forward to 😉
We were also informed about the Obelisk, Lighthouse and lookout at Beacon Hill, there are also great beaches, limestone cliffs to walk, museums, cafés and lots more, we’d picked a great little spot for a day off 😉
We made our way the the caravan park, paid our money and made ourselves at home. We managed to get our laundry washed and dried before going out for a walk along the beach and taking photos of the sunset on the way back, fantastic !!
And so for a few photos…
Great sunset !!
We got up fairly early and were delighted to find the sun shining, blue skies and no wind, makes life so much easier !!
Outside we noticed quite a few vintage cars, all pre World War One and limited to 1 or 2 cylinders, there were all sorts, about 90 or so in total !!
We got ourselves ready and set off for a walk, we had no idea that we’d end up walking quite so far though. We followed the cliff path all the way to Dombey Point and the Obelisk, then followed the path towards the lighthouse. When we saw it we weren’t so keen on it and turned back towards town, stopped for a coffee at a little bookshop on the corner of Davenport Street before walking up to Beacon Hill. There were some great views at the top but the walking route back to the caravan park was nowhere to be seen, because of this we had to walk back the way we’d come, very tedious !!
By the time we’d got back to camp it was getting late and we had a table booked at the Caledonian Inn at 7.30, and the vintage cars would be out running up and down the main street before then. We had three choices, cycle in, walk in or get a lift ! We gratefully excepted a lift from the lady on reception, she finished at 5.30 and dropped us off just in time to see all the beautiful cars.
Dinner wasn’t the greatest meal I’ve ever had but it was pleasant enough and we could just about here the band playing so it was ok. To get back to camp we needed a lift, Naomi used her charm on a couple of guys called Peter and Geoff and after listening to the band for a while they dropped us back at the caravan park 😉
All in all a great day, the sunshine certainly helped !!
























First photo shows our walking route, not bad for a day off 😉
Aaahhhhh, what happened to the weather, yesterday was beautiful, sunny, blue skies…today, raining, grey skies and a bloody headwind, not impressed !!
Fortunately it’s only 44km to our next stop at Kingston, it’s another 86km from there to the next place, so we don’t have much choice !!
Got all the bikes ready to go when the guy from the cabin next door starts asking questions about our ride, where ,what, how, when and then he says if were going by Murray Bridge we’d be welcome to stay. We invite him into our cabin and he writes down his name (Ron), address and phone numbers, such a lovely thing to offer. Then to top it off, just as he’s about to get in his car and drive off, he thrusts $20 into my hand and says I’m to buy a hot meal, bless him, were changing our route now, gotta go thank this guy, 😉
We dropped of the keys and thanked the lady who gave us a lift yesterday then we set off. Out on the esplanade were all the cars, lined up for a photo call, of course we managed a few photos of our own, sadly we didn’t see Peter or Geoff though.
Well there’s not much to say about the ride, it was just, unpleasant, we took turns on the front as it was so windy and just kept at it until we arrived at the caravan park. We shut ourselves in, turned on the heater, brewed up, made lunch, showered and listened to the rain beating a tattoo on the roof. I sure hope it stops by the morning as I don’t fancy doing 85km in this tomorrow !!
Ok, not many photos, surprise surprise, but here’s what I’ve got….









Ok, the first picture is the car that belongs to Ron, the guy who gave us $20 and said to come and stay. The last picture is of the Jaffa Bay lighthouse, now decommissioned and rebuilt on land as a tourist attraction !!
Well, that brings me nicely to the end of yet another instalment in our little adventure. I hope you all keep reading a little while longer, we’ve still got Adelaide and the Flinders Ranges to come !!
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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