Australia, Kingston to Meningie

Our cabin at Kingston might have been basic, the door may not have shut to well, the heater thermostat kept turning it off every five minutes and there was very little room for all our kit….but, when the storm hit, at least we weren’t in a tent !!
We made it just in time, we’d only just got the kettle on when it started to rain, then it just got worse and worse, the wind picked up and you could see the sea was really getting rough. It pretty much continued all night !!
Fortunately when I got up in the morning, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. We had breakfast, packed up, cleaned the cabin and went outside and what do you know….this thick wet mist has rolled in !!
I felt cheated as we rode off, we had 86km to ride to the next available place to stop, in fact it would be the next place, full stop ! There’s nothing in between, no shops, houses…nothing, just long, straight, empty roads and sod all to look at !!
Added to my list of complaints today, headwind, who the hell ordered that, don’t we have enough to do already !!
We stopped on the way out of town to take a photo of the “Big Lobster” it’s a local restaurant with a huge lobster in the carpark, sadly the place is for sale and looks very rundown !!
From there it really was a case of, keep pedalling, we’d made sure we’d got snacks and plenty of water and at the 30km mark we made our first rest stop. We just pulled over to the side, ate a banana, drank a little water, stretched and after about ten minutes we were back on the bikes. At this point the sun finally burnt of the mist and for the rest of the ride it was warm and sunny. We repeated our stop at the 60km mark and from there we rode into Salt Creek. There’s literally one shop in this tiny place, it’s the petrol station, cafe, grocery shop, it sells fishing gear, bait, booze, tobacco, it also has a camp ground and does cabins…ours was No 5 😉
It was warm and comfortable, the welcome was good from two girls from the USA, just helping out for a while while they tour Australia !!
After the day we had we were tired but still had a little bike maintenance to do, Naomi’s rear tyre kept going down, we tried a repair but it wouldn’t stick so just fitted a new tube instead. That done we had lunch, a bit late but who cares !
We relaxed for the rest of the day but went back to the cafe later for a snack and a couple of beers, figured we’d earned them !!
A bit light on photos but here’s what I have…









The first photo is Naomi, wrapped up in her sleeping bag, just trying to keep warm !!
Then there’s pictures of the route, see what I mean about long straight roads !!
And finally the bikes outside the cabin in Salt Creek, great little place but to remote for my liking !!

After yesterday’s 86km against the wind my poor little legs and especially my knees are a little bit sore, oh well, only 60km today, should be a doddle !! Thankfully the cafe opened in time for breakfast, good coffee, buttered toast and beans…mmmm 😉
Still managed to be on the road by 8.45, the sun up and warm already, it’s going to be a good day 😉
We’re riding through an area called the Coorong, the place we stayed in last night was named after it, The Heart of Coorong, it’s a National Park / Reserve. Essentially it’s a stretch of wetlands over 100km long, it’s home to numerous species of bird as well as, kangaroos, foxes, emu, rabbit and no doubt a few things not on my list. Yesterday we hardly saw them, the bush at the roadside was to tall, but today, we get to see plenty, makes for a much more interesting day.
We spotted a fox but it was quicker than me and I couldn’t get a photo, later on we saw an emu and this time we did get a photo 😉
Apart from the scenery and wildlife, there’s also a little more out here in terms of civilisation. Another motel about 10 from where we started, serving good coffee and breakfast, just as well really as we made the classic mistake of forgetting to fill the water bottles, very stupid but soon rectified !!
After that brief stop it was rolling hills, wetlands and sunshine all the way to Meningie and the Albert Lake Caravan Park, we had a budget cabin booked, they’ve been essential to us these last couple of weeks !!
All moved in we set about lunch before showering and heading into town for a little shopping and a few photos of the lake. The lake was beautiful, the light on it was fantastic and there were pelicans, they do make me smile, not sure why though !!
Just for once it was a fairly warm night and we hardly used the heater, slept well to.
And so for a few photos…
















Not a bad day, certainly more interesting than the last couple of days, looking forward to being in Adelaide now !!
Well that wraps this blog up, hope you’ll keep reading.
Take care


About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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