Australia, Adelaide and surrounding area !!

I've been thinking about this blog for quite a while now, it's the last piece of our Australian adventure and I've found it hard to write. In the end I decided to just do a pictorial trip, the details of how we got to places aren't so important but needless to say Naomi's friends Kate and ….., played their part and we are extremely grateful for their assistance.

Kate lives in North Brighton so let's start with there :-

Great beaches right on your doorstep !

Fabulous Victorian houses line the sidewalk on the way to Glenelg, a great contrast to the modern apartment blocks that are now taking over !

As you reach Glenelg the pier comes into sight, then the Hindmarsh monument, while further north you find the marina, Ferris wheel and more beaches.

Now Glenelg does have a thriving shopping district, cafés, restaurants and bars but I know you'd prefer to see sunsets, and as we walked home we got lucky again. I love it when the sun is reflected in the damp sand and across the water 😉

Ok, enough beaches, what else did we see !

Well Kate drove us up to Mount Lofty, Naomi and I cycled in to Adelaide and had no idea that we'd come so close to this place, shame we didn't get a photo with the bikes as I think you'll agree the views are amazing !!

Ok, what about the city, well we did finally manage to get there, the first day was more of a fact finding mission, oh and we met a friend of Naomi's for lunch. But the second day….

Old and new creating more great contrast, war memorials honouring the dead, markets, fabulous old buildings most of which seem to be either civic buildings or colleges.

Some quirky stuff just to add a little light relief…

Statues of people I've never heard of, churches and fantastic Victorian buildings…

Oh and one of our favourite places, the botanic garden, such a wonderful place….

And to finish a few contemporary buildings and some funky art…

Adelaide seems to have it all, and we were lucky enough to see a fair bit of it !!

We had a great time in Adelaide and the surrounding areas and can see why it's such a popular place to visit. A huge thank you to everyone that helped us get the most out of our time there !!

Take care








About John Chevis

I'm a forty something single guy who spent far to long depressed, but luckily for me I found an answer in the form of exercise !! I started running and cycling on a regular basis and now two and a half years later I'm cycling the world !!
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2 Responses to Australia, Adelaide and surrounding area !!

  1. Tina Dunks says:

    Love your photos of my State Capital Adelaide……we are so lucky to live nearby in the Barossa Valley. I especially loved the North Terrace shots! Enjoy!

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